Trovit Corp.

Trovit is the leading search engine for classified ads in Europe and Latin America. Finds relevant ads from thousands of classified websites, saving people time from having to surf each page individually.

Brand Designer

A compact company with more than 10 years of experience in the sector needed a new, consistent and modern branding that would respond to the company’s values.

We find two scenarios. On the one hand, a company with an average target of 40 years led by a team of professionals between 25 and 35 years old. Trovit was not the same outside the box as inside the box, so the challenge was to design a branding in which both sides could identify the essence of the company.

The result, a typographic logo without symbols or imagotypes. A typeface designed especially for the brand, with softened corners and a low box to convey more proximity between customers and the brand.

An updated color palette focused on the main verticals already defined and a neutral color for all those generic brand communications through a petrol blue.

White predominates in communication outside the box. The goal is to build security and trust. Inside the box we use color as a background to makes the communication more youthful and explosive. 

Old Logotype

New Logotype

Search for the life you want

The claim describe the experience to use Trovit’s tool. Find a new house, car, job is to find the life you want

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