Music Albums

Throughout my career, I have had the pleasure of designing covers and music albums for different bands.

This is a small compilation of some of them.


Guardafuegos is an spanish rock band based in El Vendrell (Tarragona). A band with raw and forceful sound with lyrics full of daily stories in which to see yourself reflected.

The name of the band means «fire guard» and the design of the first cover album was made by burning wood ashes, paper and other materials to adapt the texture to the typography with digital photographic post-production techniques.


Sonic Brother

Sonic brother is a hard rock band made up of musicians from Ireland and Catalonia with a very forceful and mature sound that sometimes pays homage to the power rock of the 70’s.

Sonic Brother

TAO an Spanish metal Rock band based in Barcelona. 4 musicians that make up a band with a very powerful sound and melodies that make it impossible to get away from the speakers.

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