Blom market is the first marketplace that connects professionals in the floristry and decoration sector with producers and growers in a single space. It allows you to control your invoicing completely and control your orders online without intermediaries, saving time and money.

UI/Visual Designer

The first ‘Beta’ version was built on the Shopify platform. We decided to customise the visual image to move away from templates and adapt the content to our communication needs.

As a result we created a UI Kit to establish a visual language that could later be used as the starting point for a complete Design System which could be revised an expanded in the long term.  

A clean, floating design where images and colour take centre stage.

One of the main objectives was to prevent the user from wasting time. To do this we decided to reduce the loading time by eliminating unnecessary interactivity and visual effects and focus on what really matters in a marketplace, find what I’m looking for, buy easily and leave.

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