Bemba Saoco

Bemba Saoco is well-known in Barcelona for its exotic pop music. Fusion of pop and electronic styles, creating powerful lyrics and explosive atmospheres.

Art director & Graphic designer

Originally knows as 9Son, the band re-formed during the recording of their third album and shifted their sound towards more modern, urban and forceful sounds.

It was at this point that they commissioned me to design their new corporate image, the design of a new album, as well as the new website. 

Initially, the logo took on a much more aggressive aesthetic, being part of the new album entitled «Crújelo» (Break it), with a special typography made for the design.

The second album was split into 4 singles with the most mature sound. This moment was used to redraw the logo, and artistic direction around conceptual minimalism.

Visual web designer

With the new band, the design of a new website was also considered. Unlike the previous website where white was predominant, this time we decided to make a 180 degree turn to accompany the musical maturity. Darker colors to refer to the mature sound of the group contrasting with small explosions of acidic color as well as specific sounds in their songs. These color contrasts used in buttons or links helped us to make the user focus on the things that were most important (players, buy buttons, interest links etc) and leave the remaining information in the background.

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