Cam plant 

CAM plants - those that in order to survive semi-arid conditions, consume less- have developed a specialised mode of photosynthesis that allows them to grow while only consuming half of what they should.

Vivian Campbell from Doctor Zamenhof Studio utilized in an abstract sense, the concept of these plants, adapting to overcome the difficulties of their environment by increasing their efficiency, to "create the double with half"

This concept has been used for the functional development of the garments, which double their possibilities of use by being reversible.Further, the aesthetics - particularly the colours and contrasts- were informed directly by the forms of the CAM plants (among which are agave, nopal and pineapple), inspiring the graphic language of the collection.

The prints have been created through the collaboration of illustrators CranioDsgn and Noelia Jimenez who have graphically interpreted the concept.


Doctor Zamenhof Studio