21deMarzo is one of the most innovative «made in Barcelona» caterings. Its Mediterranean, modern and experimental cuisine is the basis of a range of services that turn any event into a true spectacle.

UI / Visual Designer

According to the information we obtained from the interviews with clients, we detected that the 3 main interests on the part of the client were: operation, gastronomy and space. So we planned the structure of each page thinking about the client’s needs.

Taking Branding as a reference, we designed a UI Kit that would allow us to unify the visual language of communication between channels, especially connecting online and offline communication.

A very successful communication piece for 21deMarzo is Feel Food. An alternative way of turning the boring gastronomic menu into a magazine or visual catalogue that develops a story around the user experience.

We decided to take this concept as a visual reference and provide it with continuity through the web. The result is a very clean, floating website, where the photographs are the protagonists and text blocks help the user to better understand the products.


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